1. If you don’t want a well-fitting corset that is comfortable to wear.

If you don’t mind having plastic boning bending and digging into your ribs and chafing your skin, then Corsetry & Couture is definitely not for you. All of our corsets are made to the individual client’s measurements to ensure a perfect fit. We use high quality materials and components to guarantee that the wearer is able to move and breathe comfortably in their corset.

2. If you don’t want to improve your posture and back support.

If you are happy with your posture and slouching at your desk or computer everyday then, Corsetry & Couture is not for you. People who suffer from back pain can benefit from wearing a bespoke corset. By wearing a well-made bespoke corset from us you can sit and stand up tall, keeping your posture correct and hold your head high. An added benefit of wearing a bespoke corset is the curves it gives you and the boosted confidence that follows.

*Please note that if you are considering corseting for medical reasons you should always check with your doctor.

3. If you want off the peg and your underwear to be the same as everyone else’s.

Yes, bespoke corsets from Corsetry & Coutute could be considered an investment piece. But then again, your investment is in an:

Individually designed – working together to get your personal measurements and understanding what it is you want from your corset.
Hand-crafted – Not mass produced, each piece takes on average 15-20 hours to make Exclusive – fits only you…no one else on the planet will be able to pick it up and put it on and have fit the same.

Hard-wearing – if looked after properly, your corset can last for years.
We often hear people talk about how many corsets they have that they don’t wear because they don’t fit properly, but it’s OK because they were ‘only cheap off the internet’.

If you buy 10 corsets at £20 each and wear none of them, that’s £200 wasted. Why not put that money to good use and have your very own corset made, especially for you? Contact us to book a free consultation.

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