Bespoke Bridal: Corsetry & Couture’s Top 5 Tips

Feb 7, 2023 | Bridal Dresses

Designing a bespoke dress is such a special way to create your wedding look; it gives you the opportunity and freedom to express who you are as a bride and come away with something that is truly yours and unique to you.

A lot of people ask, what exactly does bespoke mean? It really is quite simple, it just refers to the custom made process.It is an exciting experience for both designer and bride, as the idea in your head can be brought to life.

If you are thinking of going bespoke, you will not be disappointed.

So, we have created a list of our top tips for creating your one off unique wedding look!

Take a peek inside your wardrobe

Think about what you already own, what flatters you and makes you feel confident? Your ‘regular’ clothes can be a touchstone for finding your wedding dress; your dress shouldn’t be a costume- it should be an extension of you and your personality.

Bring as many photographs as possible!

Now, these days we all love a pinterest board! They are a great way of bringing all of your ideas together in one space. So get looking, pull all of your ideas and inspiration together and start getting excited, the bespoke process is extremely fun after all!

Don’t forget to bring these photos with you when you meet with your designer so you can both discuss and get on the same page as each other, in terms of fabric, shape, size, colour etc.

Then BOOM! You’ve just taken your first step towards the dress of your dreams.

Ask questions

Make sure your design process is not a guessing game. When designing a custom dress, client and designer should both be on the same page before you even think about scissors touching fabric. There should be a very open dialogue between client and customer when designing a custom gown, as communication leads to the best possible dress.

Be unapologetically you!

Just remember whose wedding this is, YOURS! At the end of the day it is going to be you and your partner who are looking at these photographs for the rest of your lives right? You want to feel fabulous, but also comfortable!

You are going to be marrying the person you love most in the whole universe, and they also love you inside and out, so let your quirks shine through. Design the dress that YOU want, not the one that you think will make other people happy. Remember our policy, be your own kind of beautiful!

Have fun!

Designing your own dress can be an amazing experience. Stretch your creative muscles and enjoy the process of preparing for your big day.