Special Occasion Wear

Special Occasion Wear

Stand out from the crowd!

Nothing feels like stepping into a designed-for-you, perfectly fitting C&C outfit.

So, you’ve got an important occasion in the diary. (How exciting!)

But does the thought of finding the perfect outfit stress you out? Maybe you’re already tired of trawling the high street? Fed up of looking frumpy?

You feel like Goldilocks – the waist is too small, the top is too big and… oh, hang on, nothing’s quite right!

That’s probably because you don’t fit the ‘standard size’ that comes with ‘off the peg’ solutions.

And even if you did, nothing seems special or different enough.

(Plus, you don’t want to risk Aunty Susan turning up in the same outfit!)

What an amazingly talented lady Aimee is! She made me the most beautiful dress with integrated corset and I couldn’t be happier.

– Vicky

How C&C Can Help…

At Corsetry & Couture we can make you exactly what you’re looking for – without the stress of looking!

Whether it’s Evening Wear or a Mother-of-the-Bride /
Mother-of-the-Groom outfit you need,
we can create something unique that will fit in all the right places.

Something that’s made to make you feel fabulous.

(Warning – if it’s for a wedding, just be careful you don’t upstage the bride!)