Pride Guide to LGBTQIA+ Bridalwear

Jun 10, 2023 | Bridal Dresses

Pride Bridal

Over here at Corsetry and Couture we thought, what better way to celebrate pride month than for us to give you our best tips, tricks and hints on everything LGBTQ+ bridal wear!

We’re here to help make finding yours and your partner’s outfits as special, and as easy as possible. There are a lot of aspects bridalwear that you may not have initially realized, from bespoke outfits, fabrics, dresses, veils, suits, to accessories, and more. But no need to worry or stress, we’ve got you covered!

I know a lot of you will be thinking where on earth do we start? And a recurring question you will hear when planning your big day is “what are you wearing?” But when it comes to same sex marriages that question may be a little more difficult, and I suppose that is a great question to start to ask yourselves.

You have an abundance of options, which is both daunting and exciting, but when it comes to your big day comfort and confidence is key. You want to feel as special as possible and undeniably yourself. So whether that means sticking to traditions, or throwing them all out of the window, all that matters is that you are going to be marrying the person you love, so do it how YOU both want to.


It is common that most women have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were young, more often than that the focus is on the dress!

When it comes to same sex couples, someone will undoubtably ask whether or not you’ve considered wearing the same outfit? Which may be a lovely idea, but more often the most difficult option, as we all know by now what suits one person, may not be comfortable or flattering on the other person. And your wedding day is a day you want to feel confident!

At the end of the day you’re going to be looking at the photos for the rest of your life, you want to be truly happy with them.

If you choose to go with different options, it can also add an extra element of excitement of keeping your outfit as a surprise for your partner on the day, while also adding a small element of ‘tradition’.

Alternative options:

A perfect way to break the traditional ‘rules’, while still wearing something occasion appropriate; suits. Elegant and sophisticated, wedding suits are an ideal alternative to dresses.

Suits can be just as chic as a wedding dress, but they come with the added bonus that you are more likely to wear them again! However, suit shopping as a woman can be tricky and you may not even be sure where to start.

Wedding suits for women tend to fall into two categories, an androgynous, ‘masculine’ fit or a more sculpted, ‘feminine’ cut. While tailoring services provide an opportunity to personalise your suit, a decision between these styles would be a good place to start!
So, if you are looking for a more ‘feminine’ wedding suit, there are many designers you could look into, it is simply a matter of finding which boutique stocks them. However, if you are looking for a suit in a more ‘masculine’ style, this takes more planning, as renting a suit may not be as simple an option as it is for grooms.

It’s all about the fit…

By going down the tailored route, you can essentially have the suit of your dreams. If you team up with the right tailor or seamstress, you could have a suit in any style, shape, colour or material, expressing your unique style perhaps even better than a wedding dress could! This suit will be tailored to your exact measurements, ensuring the perfect fit. They can help guide you on what styles may suit your body type and fashion ideas but you may want some idea of what is available before you begin the process.

From classic cigarette trousers to mix and match pieces, shoulder pads with a fitted three-piece or a loose, figure-hiding two-piece, the possibilities are endless. Sophisticated and special, a tailored wedding suit can give you confidence and comfort while ensuring you look the epitome of style. Perfect for the most important day of your life!

Pride, pride, pride!

A trend we’ve noticed cropping up a lot recently in the wedding world, is the inclusion of the pride rainbow. From subtle hints of colour, to all of the shades of the rainbow, if you’re looking for some ideas to give a beautiful nod to the pride flag, you’ve come to the right place!

Of course, your wedding suit/dress (or whatever else you decide) will be the star of the show, but consider what accessories you could have to complete your outfit. The right accessories can add personal touches and elevate your look!

Why not look at colourful veils, hair accessories, or even go bold and incorporate the rainbow into your outfit for the day! Nothing breaks the mould better than a bold wedding gown after all…

Looking for a more subtle approach? Think about the small things…

Why not bring the fun down to your fingertips as well; a pride rainbow manicure is the perfect finishing touch! Or you could even add a splash of colour to your hair and makeup.

You’re never fully dressed without… accessories!

Of course, your wedding suit/dress (or whatever else you decide) will be the star of the show, but consider what accessories you could have to complete your outfit. The right accessories can add personal touches and elevate your look!

Shoes – a key and universal accessory – are a great way to jazz up your wedding outfit and add that little extra flare of uniqueness. If you decide on wearing a suit, but you still want to highlight your ‘feminine’ side, a pair of killer heels look very chic with a suit.

Why not accentuate your personality through a pair of glittery Dr. Martens or pride rainbow coloured converse, the possibilities are endless. We love to see shoes making a statement in a wedding outfit, so don’t be afraid to experiment with style and colour!

But remember, always bring your shoes with you to fittings, so both you and your designer/tailor will have a more well rounded idea of how your clothes will look and fit you on the day.

Here at Corsetry and Couture we have an abundance of accessories! Both traditional, alternative, pride inspired (all of which are made to order and customisable). Check them out here.

No matter what route you and your partner decide to embark on to find your outfits, remember to enjoy the experience of having something uniquely yours as a couple. Don’t be afraid to be bold, express yourself, and celebrate your love!