Corset: Bespoke vs Off-the-rack

Jul 20, 2023 | Corsetry

Bespoke Corsetry & Couture Corset

A question that comes up frequently in the corset community is whether (or when) you need to go bespoke.

Of course the easiest option when corset shopping is going down the pre-made route. Which may be fine when you are just figuring out whether corsetry is for you. However, a downside to pre-made corsets can be exactly that, they are pre-made! Every body shape is different, so how do you know you’re going to get something that makes you look and feel just as special as you’d hoped?!

Therefore, we thought why not give you our run down bespoke vs off-the-rack corsets. So, read on to find out more…


One advantage of purchasing an off-the-rack corset is that you can return it should you decide it isn’t quite right for you. (Please check the returns policy of the company you’re purchasing from though!)

If you commission a corset to be made just for you, then your consumer rights are not the same. So you really have to be 100% sure that the style and fabrics are the ones you want, or that the measurements are correct. Someone will be taking their time and skills to create something especially for you!

Another advantage of off-the-rack corsets is, simply, the time frame. Bespoke corsetry can be quite the process as it will involve a lengthy and, more often than not, pricey process.

Whereas when it comes to pre-made, it is likely that the only waiting you will have to do is the three to five working days for postage (shop depending, obviously).

Let’s talk bespoke…

Now, as we mentioned previously, off-the-peg corsets are made to standard size. But these days, what is a ‘standard’ size? Very few of us fit this ‘ideal’.

Going bespoke is a perfect option to overcome this; through consultations, pattern drafting and regular fittings, a bespoke corset will fit like a glove. Your corset will be totally unique and special… just like you. It will quickly become a statement piece that both you and your wardrobe will love forever.

It is a fun process too! Imagine seeing the corset of your dreams slowly come to life, you and your corsetiere will be able to work together and choose every detail. From fabrics to embellishments, to silhouette and style of the corset! 

As well as being an exciting project for you and your designer, bespoke is better for the environment too. Going bespoke avoids the ‘fast fashion’ element option of off-the-rack shopping. You are going to get an item that you love, but that will also last you a lifetime. Whereas a ready made corset may be susceptible to breakage, meaning it will also cost you more money in the long run in replacing them.

Fashionable, sustainable, and penny pinching, who doesn’t love that!

If you do decide to go for a bespoke corset my advice would, however, be to try out a ready made corset beforehand. This will help you learn about your body, learn about your corset (what you do and don’t like). This will help your corsetiere greatly as, at the end of the day, making a great corset is down to more than just your measurements!

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