What do I do with my wedding dress after the big day?

Sep 8, 2023 | Bridal Dresses, Top Tips

Wedding dress on the beach

Now, the celebrations are over and you’ve officially said “I do”. Chances are you may have some loose ends to tie up. Such as looking through photos, writing thank you notes and finalizing honeymoon plans. But you might also be wondering, what on earth to do with your wedding dress?!

The good news is that the options are endless and we’re here to talk you through them all!

Newly married couples focused on sustainability will be delighted to find that all of these ideas will give your wedding dress a new life! Not to mention it will help in cutting down on overall waste that is often associated with the wedding industry. If you want to know more about ways to lower your wedding’s carbon footprint, then read here! But for now let’s get back to what to your wedding dress…

An obvious first step may be to ask yourself, “do I want to keep it or pass it on?”. Lets start off with your slightly more daunting option, giving your dress away.


Is it time to sell?

It may be upsetting to part ways with your dress, but if it is taking up too much space there are plenty of options at your disposal. Plus, you can make some extra cash and pass along the dress for another bride (a major win-win, if you ask us).

Why not look at local wedding planning pages on social media, or even Facebook Marketplace? There might also be businesses in your area that specialize in buying and selling pre-loved wedding dresses.

Do you want to donate?

Many organizations all over the country will gladly accept wedding dress and apparel donations. If you don’t have a specific charity in mind, think local and inquire at your nearest charity shops (or farther away if you don’t want to run into someone wearing your dress).

Particularly with the cost of living crisis at the moment, by donating your dress you will possibly be giving one very lucky bride-to-be the opportunity to wear the wedding dress of their dreams!

Whichever option you choose, it is always best that you look into cleaning first…

Let’s talk cleaning!

After a day full of celebrating, dancing, taking photos, and just generally enjoying your wedding day. More often than not your wedding dress will look a little worse for wear. That’s why it’s best to get your dress cleaned and preserved to remove any nicks or party stains. Lucky for you, we are now offering a dress cleaning and preservation service. We can make your dress look as good as new, and preserve it in acid free paper and storage box to protect it for years to come.

Better than sitting crumpled in your wardrobe eh?

Now, if you’re not ready to say goodbye to your wdding dress just yet…

Why not think about getting your dress re-styled or re-worked? Try speaking to a seamstress about potential options for your dress, you’ll most likely have enough material to make a new outfit altogether. Possibly a fashionable jumpsuit or even a two piece that you can wear again and again?

Depending on the fabric of your dress, it may be able to be dyed a different colour too! (Note that some embellishments such as beading may not take to the dye)

Why not get crafty?

If you like the idea of turning your dress into something else, but you’re not too keen on the idea of re-working. Why not make it into something entirely new…

There are so many options out there for you, so you’ll be able to create a range of creative household items and accessories. From hair scrunichies or a scarf, to cushion covers and table cloths. Or you have a little one in your life, why not consider a special dress or outfit or cuddly toy for them? Whybnot speak to your seamstress, I can guarantee they’ll be full of ideas.

Why not head over to our Instagram to see some examples.